Our Team

Akta Adani

Founder & CEO

Born with the genes of a businessman and a fashion designer, Akta founded India Boulevard in 2015. Akta is a finance geek turned entrepreneur with a passion for coffee, chocolate and all things custom. Akta has to eat a bar of Twix every single day!

  Philosophy: "Passion, purpose and perseverance"

  Favorite Quote: "Do or do not, there is no try!"

Eric Boehs

VP Engineering

Having started programming at the age of 8, Eric has enjoyed software development for most of his life. Since 2011, Eric has focused on working with startups and small companies to bring new ideas to life.

  Philosophy: "If you try hard and believe in yourself, any pizza can be a personal sized pizza"

  Fun Fact: "Once was pulled over by an airplane"

Stephen Carr

Full Stack Engineer

In the late 1990s Stephen fell in love with modems and code, he has never looked back. Stephen is passionate about creating meaningful user experiences and solving problems.

  Philosophy: "Ask for forgiveness not permission"

  Fun Fact: "Much disputed and controversial winner of the 2011 Squamish Father's day Rib-off"

Emily Ann Hodges

Digital Brand Manager

Since earning her Journalism degree in 2009 at St. John's University, Emily has dived deep into the world of digital branding, PR, and marketing for the past 7 years — specializing in start-ups. She loves discovering eye catching design, wearing Solange-inspired attire, and daydreaming about the next country to conquer. Emily is an LA native who has lived in NYC, Paris, and Seoul and is currently based in San Francisco.

  Favorite Country: "Greece and Thailand are amazing, but France will always have my heart."

  Pet's Name: "Bobby Trey. As he's a tripod kitty, I almost named him Jaime Lannister"

Poonam Lal

Manager, Business Development & Sales Operations

Prior to joining IB, Poonam worked at Burr Pilger Mayer where she focused on Consulting services with start-ups across the Bay Area. Previously, she worked at PwC and focussed on Assurance services for investment management clients.

  Philosophy: "Never say no to carbs!"

  Fun Fact: "I'm a former ballerina, and an aspiring pianist and bachata dancer!"

Gargi Chakravarty

Designer Community Manager

A shoe designer by practice, Gargi is experienced in creating beautiful products and definitely a hustler. She starts her day by breezing through the scenic Mumbai Sea link and never misses her cold brewed cup of Starbucks!

  Philosophy: "Do one thing everyday that scares you"

  Favorite Product: "Shoes and more shoes!"

Radhika Arekar

Fashion Merchandiser/Buyer

A Fashion Business Graduate; obsessed with all things pretty and dainty, keen to learn, and curious.

  Philosophy: "Have hope, work hard, be positive!"

  Favorite Quote: "Live & let live!"

Alexandria Solorzano

Customer Service Representative

Alexandria worked in customer service for 9 years, and loves interacting and building great relationships with all types of people. She also loves fashion, and is finishing her Bachelors Degree in Fashion Marketing and Management at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division.

  Philosophy: "Everyday is a new day!"

  Fun Fact: "Always fits shopping into her schedule!"